Photo by Lucy Soerens

Photo by Lucy Soerens

meagan camp, owner & creative director

I have been having fun building and designing web sites for clients since 2007. Professionally, I've worked as a magazine editor and writer. When I found myself designing story layouts in my sleep I realized that I wanted to explore design and writing online. I built my personal website in 2005 to chronicle all the concerts I went to in college. From there, I built the website for the magazine I worked for and explored the data-crunching world of SEO for the first time. Then five years ago, I found myself designing and writing content for the Facebook page and blog for the US Embassy in Dakar, Senegal. Upon returning to the US in 2016, I began building my client base in and around Dallas. Now, in 2018, I'm grateful to have my own business and to share solutions to my clients. 

Meeting a fellow small business owner and helping them solve problems like learning how to take a great photo for Instagram or even creating their first logo is why I started my own agency. Designing anything for someone else, especially for their business, is a delicate thing. I have developed relationships with all of my clients and I like investing in their businesses the way they have invested in mine. For example, I meet with most of my clients at their shop or salon. I listen to what they have coming up, I'm introduced to new staff members and we make a plan for what they want to see on their site or their Facebook page. 

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